At Least 25 Seeds

I opened the packet of Attilla Alpine Strawberry seeds and poured them into my left palm. I took the thin bladed paring knife in my right hand and used it to separate two of the tiny seeds from the group and scrape them into the corner square of the flat. After doing the same with the next 11 squares, I couldn’t see that my supply of seeds was depleted at all. The seed packet label said minimum 25 seeds. I decided to scrape three or four seeds into each of the remaining squares.  After putting three or four seeds into each of the 72 square flat, I still had seeds to pour back into the packet.

So I got several hundred seeds in the packet from Baker Creek seeds. I expect good germination because I put them in the freezer for three weeks prior to planting. That’s a tip I got from research before planting Alpine strawberries the first time. It worked well before so I’m hopeful.

I have no idea who would name a variety Attilla. At least its not Adolf or Osama. I’m expecting flavor sweeter than the name.


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