Joel Salatin Story

Joel Salatin spoke at my alma mater a few years ago. It was part of a January lecture series and I listened by podcast. He concluded his talk by encouraging students to begin gardening with a story worth sharing.

He described an event from their family’s recent holiday gathering. While most of the family was seated at the table, one of the youngest was on the floor with free space around. The youngster was just taking first steps that week. Someone pointed out that the toddler was up on two feet and everyone’s attention turned. The child took several wobbly steps, then fell on his diaper. The family offered praise and encouragement; not a single scolding for falling on the diaper.

The point is that new things are difficult. But new things, like walking for a baby, are worth doing. When we try new things we end up falling on our diapers a few times. New gardeners experience some failures. But gardening is worth doing. Old gardeners experience failure with some things as well. Every year I have some fall on my diaper experiences. But I sure don’t want to quit.

Try new things. Get started. Front yard edibles? Grapes? Vermicomposting? A new tomato variety? Extending the growing season? Take the first steps.


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