Hardy Little Onion Starts

On a sunny warm afternoon earlier this week, I put my emerging onion seedlings out in the sun. The temperature was near 60 and I thought a couple hours of direct sunlight would be good for them. Its still more than 8 weeks before our frost free date and I don’t have my cold frame set up yet. So they had no protection when I proceeded to forget about them.

The next morning I checked the temperature. As soon as I saw the 21 degree reading, I remembered my babies. I brought them back inside, and thought I will probably be buying some onion sets when its time to plant. But its been a couple days and they look fine. Its another sunny day and I’m about to put them out next to the brick wall that gets warmed by the sun. This time, I have an alarm set on my phone. They passed an unintended hardiness test, but I don’t want to stunt them.


One thought on “Hardy Little Onion Starts

  1. That’s a useful piece of information. I wouldnt have believed baby onions could survive 21! Thanks for sharing that (although like you, I won’t purposely subject my little onions to that) . 🙂

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