Onion Update and more Winter

Last week in a post titled “Hardy Little Onion Starts” I wrote about putting emerging onion seedlings out for some afternoon sun and forgetting about them until the next morning. Two days after experiencing an overnight low of 21F they all looked upright and green. Now a week later about 10% have turned yellow, but most still look fine. Hardy yes; immune to big chills, no.

Our 10 day forecast predicts 3 of the next 10 days to have low temperatures below 20F. Some years I’ve planted peas and onions in late February here. Doesn’t look like soil temperatures will be up to making that worthwhile this year. Also forecast, but 6 days out and subject to change, is 1-3 inches of ice pellets. That will create some empty grocery store shelves if its still forecast as it comes closer. And I’ll want to prune my muscadines and other grapes to reduce weight on the trellises before that. Its pruning time any way.


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