Winter Windowsill Basil

Growing basil indoors is something I haven’t done before. It wasn’t something I planned. But now I’m planning for a bit of this plant to go into some olive oil and be part of the dipping sauce for some ciabatta that will soon come out of the oven. (Ciabatta recipe is an earlier post). I had always dried basil for winter use but fresh is better.

2 -17-15 021It happened thanks to my father-in-law. He has a garden plot behind his house and also lets me grow a plot just beyond his. I walk by and see what he has growing on my way to my plot. Last September, I was surprised to see a few basil plants just emerging from one of his beds. Since he had seed, he sowed it when he planted lettuce, spinach, and other typical fall crops.

By late October when the first frost was in our forecast the basil only had 4-6 leaves. He offered me as many as I wanted and I only took one. It has done well in a west window and some alfalfa pellets mixed into the potting soil. Winter windowsill basil will be in my plan next fall.


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