Too Cold Activities

Predicted low temperature for the next two nights is 5 and 8 F (-15, -13 C).  For the second year in a row we will likely lose plants that are on the edge of being perennial here. Fig and rosemary are two of my favorites that are threatened by the chill.

Last winter, area rosemary that didn’t get extra protection were killed. I lost two that were 10 years old. But I had smaller ones in pots that I brought in on the coldest days. I have the potted ones inside again. I also took cuttings yesterday and rosemary usually roots in water easily.

My figs are not in pots. Two are next to a south facing brick wall. They are the only two that produced for me last summer. My two others died back to the roots. In my 11 years growing in Chattanooga, we have had 2 years when most area figs died back to roots. This could be the third. Figs are really easy in good years. Disease and fruit worms are not a problem. They also root easily from cuttings. Before the big chill hits this evening, I plan to collect cuttings.

My other cold day garden activity is planting. April 15 is our average last frost here, so it’s time for starting tomatoes and peppers indoors.

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