Snow Day Changes Plans

A half inch of snow closes schools here and we just got at least six inches. Our third child is a senior in high school and this will possibly be her last snow day while she’s with us. It called for a change of the routine. The sled that some years just stays in the garage all winter became a treasure to share with some new neighbors. Sledding, snowballs, and smiles for ages 4 to 54 was a great start to the day.

The cold spell we’re in also changes some of my garden habits. Most years I mix potting soil for seed starting in the garage. This year I’m working in the basement.

Celeriac is a veggie I got to know during our two year stay in Hungary. It’s much more common in Europe than here and I’ve never seen it for sale as a seedling locally. The only way to have it in a garden is to grow your own from seeds. Growing it requires patience as it is a slow starter. Once started it is more easily grown than stalk celery. It offers a long harvest period since the outer green leaves can be used from midsummer until frost. Then in the fall it provides a nice root that keeps well.

When using either the greens or root in a soup or dressing in place of common celery, I use about 1/3 of what a recipe suggests. Celeriac has a stronger flavor than stalk celery. We made this discovery the first time we made a dressing in Hungary. The celery flavor was overpowering. That was back in the pre-Google era.


One thought on “Snow Day Changes Plans

  1. I’ve never heard of celeriac. Sounds neat! Good luck with your seedlings. I too have to start my seeds indoors. Snow is everywhere here. Burrrr 🙂 All the best to you and your garden! ✿Koko

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