Backyard Terraces

Real estate agents refer to flat lots here as pancakes. They are rare in Chattanooga and I don’t have one. When I walk to the back of my lot it’s a steep climb that allows me to look down on the roof of our house. We moved into this place in the summer thirteen years ago and mowing the sloped backyard was my responsibility. The following summer, the terracing project began.

Collecting rock was a family project. An area road was being widened from two to four lanes and the excavation exposed rock. The construction foreman allowed people to collect rock while they were not working. We removed the rear seat from the minivan and loaded up a number of times. When they completed the road project, we still had room for more terraces. A neighbor was replacing a concrete driveway and we were able to get a truckload of broken concrete dumped beside our house to continue building terraces.

All the materials were free and they have now been there a decade. Occasionally repairs are required. We have had more Terraces

frost in the ground than usual and I have some resetting to do because of small collapses. The terraces are about knee high and not mortared. The ones made of broken concrete have never collapsed. The stone is not as flat and I currently have two places were about ten stones need to be reset.

The terraces have been beds for lots of veggies and strawberries over the years. Now some of them are providing grapes.(photo is several years old). The good stuff they have provided has been a way better option than mowing grass on the slope.

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