Using More Kefir

I’m very pro kefir. I use it in a variety of ways. This evening kefir will go into lasagna in place of the Ricotta. When I first tried it a couple of weeks ago, it passed a tough test. My daughter ate it happily not knowing I had made the substitution. She doesn’t care for the sour flavor raw and will pass up anything that doesn’t suit her taste. Cooking the kefir does kill the beneficial probitoics, but it has worked on the lactic acid in the milk making it easier to digest.

I also substitute the kefir I make for buttermilk when baking. Because my kefir is thicker than buttermilk, I use about 3/4 cup kefir and 1/4 cup water for 1 cup of buttermilk in recipes. It has worked well for cornbread, biscuits, scones, and pancakes.

To get the benefit of the active probiotics, consuming raw kefir is required. Adding raisins and hemp seeds to a bowl of kefir is a simple and tasty way to get the benefits of the active culture. Fruit smoothies are another way.

Yesterday, I got confirmation of something I posted about last week. I recently began making kefir from organic milk instead of the cheaper kind. I noticed a sweeter smell when I heated the milk as I prepared the kefir. My local grocery only had outdated organic milk on the shelf on my last visit. So I purchased the regular milk. The aroma really is not as sweet as the organic milk

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