DIY Herb Propagation

basil start 001Many herbs, like the basil in the photo, are easy to propagate from cuttings. No special tools or hormones are needed. A scissors, jar, sunny windowsill, water, and a healthy plant to cut from, are the requirements. Snip a stem just above a set of leaves. Remove lowest leaves from the cutting so that the stem can be in water but no leaves. Leaves in water could rot. In a week or two roots form on the cut basil stem. Maintain the water level to make sure the stem is in water and leaves are not and the result is a cutting with roots ready to be planted.

Propagating by cutting results in a new plant large enough to use quicker than growing from seed. Rosemary is another herb that starts easily in water. It usually takes a bit longer than basil to form roots, but generally works.

Having fresh herbs available, provides flavor that dried or frozen cannot match. Propagating your own can keep a good supply on hand.

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