Porch/Patio Herbs


Italian herbs (rosemary, oregano, and basil) are flavors I use regularly. With close examination of this amateur photo, you may be able to see the green dots and brown stems beneath the rosemary. The green dots are the leaves of a creeping oregano emerging from winter. The brown stems are last years growth that I need to trim. Having herbs in containers just outside the front or back door makes them convenient to the kitchen.

This two-in-one combination works because the oregano is a creeping variety. It only grows to ankle height. This is the third and likely final year for these two to be together. The rosemary will need to be given more space by the end of the summer. They are in a three gallon clay pot.

Twice this past winter I moved the pot into the garage to protect it from cold. A plastic pot would be lighter to move, but it would look like plastic all year.

Advantages of container herbs are convenient location and protection from soil nematodes. The biggest disadvantage is containers need to be watered regularly. Having them near an often-used door makes it easier to keep an eye on them. Italian flavors are friends to keep close.

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