Bloom Time


My Kieffer pear blossoms are just beginning to open. The tree is about 8 years old and has more blossoms than ever. The nearby Seckel pear has buds that are about to come in bloom so there should be time for cross pollination. What I haven’t seen yet are very many pollinators. There’s a purple flowering weed that blooms at this time. Other years I’ve seen lots of bees around the purple flowers and on pear blossoms as soon as they open. I am not a beekeeper, but there have always been plenty of bees.

Kieffer pears are a cooking pear. They are extremely firm when picked and remain quite firm for weeks after picking. They also have a grainy texture which makes eating them fresh a not so special treat. But they have a nice flavor which is enjoyable when stewed, baked, made into preserves, or wine. And that firm flesh makes them less appealing for fruit worms. I have a plum that serves as a catch crop for fruit worms.

From last year’s harvest I have three gallons of wine that I will need to bottle some rainy day. If the pollination is good, I may have more this year. Spring produces high hopes.

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