Always a Bright Side

By yesterday afternoon some bee scouts had gotten the message to a hive that my pear was in bloom. Pollination was happening. Now today’s forecast has an expected low of 28 F/ -2 C for Saturday night. That will be a killer if it gets that low. It could work out that the early blooms will be wiped out and the ones that open later will make it. The optimistic view is that then no thinning would be required and fruit size will be good.

A frost at this time is common. April 15 is generally considered a safe time to put out tender annuals. But several years ago we had a hard frost on April 20. That year I harvested no figs or plums, and just a few blueberries and apples. The one fruit that produced well that year was muscadine grape. It is a native that blooms later than the others.

Area peaches are likely to be hit hard. They bloom earliest and get hit by frost many years. The bright side is that most strawberries, apples, blueberries, and grapes are not yet in bloom. And it could be our last frost.


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