Spring Day in the Life of a Garden to Table Guy

Breakfast was coffee and a piece of ham and potato quiche that I had made last week and frozen in pieces. Because I don’t care for a soggy crust, it wasn’t warmed in the microwave. After saying goodbye to my wife and daughter, I brought out trays of plant starts that I’m hardening off. Tomatoes, peppers, basil, celeriac and alpine strawberries went to the side of the house where they got morning sun.

Next, I completed my exercise routine. It consists mostly of foot strengthening and stretching to deal with the lingering effects of tarsal tunnel syndrome that developed last year as I was working as picker in a warehouse. Then I went out to transplant some grapes that I started from cuttings a year ago. There was also time to divide some clumps of Alpine strawberries before I needed to pick up my daughter. She had just a half day for the last day before Spring break.

One of her favorite meals is what we called white noodles since our kids were little. But now that I’m doing a food and garden blog I’ll put it this way: For lunch, I prepared a penne with fresh herb bechamel. Included in the white sauce was Parmesan and mozzerella as well as freshly gathered parsley, basil, green garlic, and scallions. After lunch we had to return a book and movie to the library and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items.

The rest of the afternoon I spent behind the tiller. In some beds, I incorporated a cover crop of red clover or ryegrass. Others, I was just tilling in whatever had volunteered. I don’t till all beds every year as that leads to soil compaction, but it is fast.

For the evening meal I prepared Chicken Katsu Curry from the blog “What to Have for Dinner Tonight”. On the 1-10 scale my wife rated it 10, daughter a 6, and I’d call it worth trying.

Considering all the carbs and calories I consumed today I realize I’m fortunate. I could look like the coach of the West Virginia basketball team that I have on. He appears to be about my age. But at 6’4” and 185 lbs my body type is more like the players. Never had the talent or quickness of those players, but get decent results in the garden and kitchen.


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