Attila the Berry Update

This is my third year as an Alpine Strawberry grower. Attila is the name of the new variety I am trying this year. The first year I tried a red variety and found the flavor amazing. Last year I grew a yellow (Yellow Wonder) and it is also nice. What is unique about Attila is that it produces runners like common strawberries. And in photos it produces fruits on runners that are just hanging from a plant. Common strawberries produce fruits on runners only after the runners have rooted in soil.

I started the seeds indoors two months ago. As I blogged at the time, there were way more seeds in the packet than the minimum number listed. I now have a flat of 72 with one or two berry plants in each one. I have a photo on my camera, but for some reason my computer is no longer connecting to my camera the way it always has. Until I resolve that I’ll be a verbal only poster.

The picture shows some plants that are still small. The description said fruit was possible in as little as four months. It doesn’t look like they are on pace for producing in two more months. That’s fine. They are day neutral (everbearing) so I’m hoping for enough to make some preserves by fall. Hope to have a positive report later.


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