Enjoy Your Daily Bread

I’ve always liked bread. I am happily gluten tolerant. So last week, I was happy to read about a study done by Harvard School of Public Health about the benefits of cereal fiber. The study was done over 14 years and 367,442 individuals. The people who consumed more cereal fiber tended to live longer. Mortality from cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infections, and other causes was lower in those who consumed more cereal fiber.

But white bread is not high in fiber. The all purpose bag of flour in my cupboard says less than one gram and 4% of the daily recommendation per serving. The bag of whole wheat flour contains 4 grams and 16% per serving. Switching from white to whole wheat provides four times the fiber. I’m not ready to do that. The flavor and texture is not the same. I have enjoyed bread that I make with two parts white to one part whole wheat. This blend provides twice the fiber of white bread. Its a change based on research that I believe I can sustain.

I’ve posted my basic bread recipe previously. If you go to the categories box in the lower left and enter recipes – ciabatta – It’s there. Enjoy a tasty healthy loaf.

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