April Showers Bring …

If May flowers come in proportion to April showers we’ll have a bounty. The airport which is 3 miles from here has recorded 8.48 inches of rain so far this month. The average April total is 3.99 inches. Growers are waiting for fields to dry out. Some time this summer we will likely be hoping for some rainfall, but today we are hoping for a second day in a row without any.

The April showers have brought a lot of lush green growth to area lawns. Plenty of grass clippings are available for mulch. One down side for me is a line trimmer in need of service. Small engine repair repair shops get backed up when things grow faster. It wasn’t just a spark plug or air filter that caused a loss of power so my trimmer is in for warranty service. I can expect to see 2 more weeks of growth before I see my trimmer.

My strawberries are just beginning to turn color. All the rain will likely make decrease their sugar content and make them prone to rot. And the tree fruits have had no protective barrier spray to keep the first generation of plum curculio from laying eggs on the pea to marble sized fruits. I’m getting to sound like the farmers I knew in Hollandale, Minnesota. They used to remind each other at the cafe when things looked bleak that you can’t harvest until you’ve lost your crop three times. I could go out and find lots of rose buds.

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