Attila of Course

Attila is a variety of Alpine strawberry that I’m growing for the first time this year. I started the seeds in January. In a previous post I wondered why anyone would name a delicious little strawberry after the medieval conqueror. Other Alpine strawberries have nice sounding names like Mignonette or the descriptive Yellow Wonder. The photo in the seed catalog of a container plant with fruits forming on runners hanging in the air made me include Attila in my order.

I became a fan of Alpine strawberries when I first grew them 3 years ago. Their flavor is unbeatable. The two other varieties I have are runnerless. They grow into a nice clump that can be divided in Fall or Spring. Attila will hopefully give me Alpine strawberries that are easier to propagate and look great in containers.

Eight weeks after planting the tray, Attila seedlings looked like the other Alpine varieties.spring 009

But now its been three months since planting. A little over a week ago, I saw some little red strings in the tray. Examining closer, I saw they were runners. The name made sense after all. At age three months, these little Attilas are showing a commitment to expanding into new territory. Lookout garden, Attila is on the move.

I attila 001

4 thoughts on “Attila of Course

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  2. That is interesting that your seedlings produced runners at so young an age! Although most alpine strawberries are clump forming and do not produce runners I grow one called ‘Scarlet Beauty’ (more seductive name) and that runs around like crazy too and must be a close relative of ‘Atilla’. At least there was a clue in the name of yours as to its colonising nature! And yes the fruits taste great. The only trouble is it takes so long to pick a bowlful that they always get eaten before they get indoors.

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