April Looking Good but not Everything

april fruits 007

When we pass the 25th of April, we are past the last day that frost has ever been recorded here. So unless something unprecedented occurs, I stand a good chance of getting a nice harvest of blueberries beginning in late June. My five bushes are filled with clusters of berries like those in the photo. Our last frost damaged area peaches, but most fruits weren’t yet blooming, so its been a good start for fruits. My pear trees have more fruits on than ever.april fruits 004

They are just marble sized, but they are giving me hope of pear wine and desserts.

What isn’t looking great is my pea planting. Its at the bottom of the hill that my fruits are on. The nearly 10 inches of rain we’ve had this month ran into the pea bed and they got overwhelmed. Yellow stunted pea plants is what I have there. I can try again with peas in the fall.  If I can’t have everything, I’d rather have something to make wine with than something to make stir fry with.

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