Top Back Corner

sweet potato 002

This is a view of the top back corner of my property. On the right is a blueberry bush, the yellow meadow flowers are hawk’s eye (weed is commonly added to that) and in the upper left is a dogwood that’s very close to the corner of the property. The hawk’s eye weed may look like dandelions in the photo but the flowers are almost knee high. Bees like the blooms and goldfinches like the seeds that will soon be forming. If my line trimmer isn’t back from the shop soon I’ll have more than ever going to seed. A reference I checked stated that hawk’s eye weed is a common weed in pastures and meadows where soil quality is poor.

The edge created by the parcel I occasionally mow and the woods beyond is great rabbit habitat. A post yesterday in a blog I follow – vegetablurb – gave me an idea. Thanks Dan. His post was about being watched by cottontails while he planted some of their favorite food. I had just planted sweet potatoes in a bed close to the house, but not fenced. Sweet potato leaves have been a real bunny favorite here.

My idea is too plant some sacrificial sweet potatoes right near their home. My hope is that they will leave my other ones alone. I’m also putting some dog and human hair around the bed near the house as a deterrent.sweet potato 001

This sweet potato is planted between the blueberry and the dogwood in the above photo. As more of the slips I’m starting from last year’s crop of sweet potatoes are ready, I may add more for the bunnies. It will be way cheaper than a fence. I’ll see if it works.

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