Attila at 4 Months

attila 001

Since planting seeds in mid-January, its been 4 months for these Alpine Strawberries named Attila. Three of the fastest starters are in a 3 gallon crock on the front porch. The old crock was cracked, so I drilled a drainage hole with a masonry bit and it has new life as a planter.

Attila’s determination to take over new territory with runners is obvious. It hasn’t produced any flowers yet, but I expect to see them soon. They are day neutral (everbearing) so will continue to produce fruit until our first frost if I keep them happy. We are in mid-season for “June-bearing” strawberry varieties.

One of the slowest starters from the 72 hole tray that I put the seeds into is in the little black pot. Attila is an heirloom variety and like many heirlooms, they don’t germinate at the same rate. While the first seedlings emerged in less than 10 days, some came over a month later.

Maybe next month, I’ll have something like the photo in the seed catalog of ripe fruits showing on runners that are hanging in the air. Or it could be longer, but I hope to get there. And propagating by the runners, as I am doing with the runner in the clay pot is quite easy. I doubt my hanging gardens of Chattanooga will rival those of ancient Babylon, but who knows?

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