Later Tomaters

latetomate 004

My first planting of tomatoes is just beginning to blossom. In the often messy corner of the garden near the compost, I do potting. These are suckers from the tomatoes that I cut off and will root. Its a way of extending the tomato season. Tomatoes planted at the usual time here of late April or early May are usually spent by mid-August. Smaller varieties usually produce longer than the beefsteaks. Harvest typically begins in early July and the heat and humidity of our summer along with the stress of bearing wears them out.

We usually don’t get a frost until late October, so we have time to grow more. One way to extend the tomato harvest is by propagating suckers. Tomato cuttings root easily in water. The cuttings can be taken from the best of your plants. In about two weeks the cuttings usually have roots and can be potted in soil. After a short stay in a pot to establish a few more roots, they will be ready for a spot in the garden. Bruschetta and BLT’s with fresh garden tomatoes are still welcome in September and October around our table.

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