Strawberry Yields Forever


About 10 years ago my father-in-law purchased the ancestors of this Tristar Strawberry. When they started producing runners, he shared some of the new plants with me. These plants haven’t had ideal treatment every year. The more you provide for them, the more they provide for you. Some runners spread to areas where I hadn’t improved the soil. The plants survived but didn’t thrive. They only produced little berries. Last fall I transplanted new runners to a well prepared bed. Results have been very good.

I’ve been picking nice sized berries with sweet flavor for a month and have more coming. The bed I took these plants from, I had grown berries for three years without starting new plants in fresh ground. The three year old bed produced but the berries were not as large or as sweet. This morning I tilled the old bed under. Tristar is an everbearing variety. The June bearing types are about finished here.


I’m pinching runners on some of my plants but am propagating others. I am still quick enough to catch these runners in a pot for transplanting in a fresh bed. Having experienced the difference between old and new plantings, I’m committed to giving some a fresh start regularly. That is a straw colored rock in the pot to hold the new runner in place until it rooted. I’ll soon have a place to go with the new starts as lettuce, kale, and peas will be finished producing soon.

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