Saving Crimson Clover Seeds

clover 002 clover 003

Crimson Clover is a great cover crop for places with mild winters. I sow it in September or October and just harvested my seeds for this fall. A month ago it was a showy red patch. I cut some and tilled it in at that time, but left some to dry so I can gather and save the seeds. My saved seeds don’t look like what I purchased about 7 years ago. I don’t separate each little seed from the husk. I just take the seed head from the stalk and save them in a grocery bag with the husk.

I can let a bed go to seed for saving and still have time to grow corn, sweet potatoes or okra in our Tennessee growing season. I also like to sow it under my muscadine grapes. The nitrogen and organic matter the clover provides is very beneficial in the ground we sometimes compliment by calling it soil. What we start with in Tennessee is hardly soil. Ground here needs a lot of help. Crimson Clover helps make it more like soil.

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