Attila the Berry Progress

 junegrapes 005

First blooms have formed on Attila the Alpine Strawberry. Its been four and a half months since I sowed the seeds in mid January. The blooms are only on the rooted plant that’s in the pot. I’m still waiting for blooms and fruit to form on the runners that hang in the air. Seemingly reliable bloggers and seed vendors have said this variety will do that. I’ll be fully convinced when it really happens on my own plants.

I’ve been gardening for five decades and plants still intrigue me. Three years ago, I grew my first alpine strawberries and became hooked by the flavor. I can see why James Bond requested Alpine Strawberry preserves on his breakfast scones. Fictional international spies do get what they want for breakfast. Bond Knows. And there was a medieval king of France that had hundreds of them planted on the grounds of the Louvre. King Louis knew.

The flavor of both the red and yellow runnerless variety that I’ve grown is great. Will the flavor of Attila, an Alpine with runners, be as good? Soon I will know.


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