Gardener’s June Meal

yellows 004

New Potatoes were ready to harvest. The only question was what to have with them. The beans and a fish fillet from the freezer made a meal.

yellows 008

It was simple in the sense that two of the three main ingredients came from the garden. But if preparing the soil and planting are counted as part of the meal prep it was time consuming. And for a couple minutes all four burners of the stove top were heating. The reward was a very satisfied wife, daughter, and self.

Two hours before the meal was on the table the potatoes, beans, and spring onion were growing in the garden. I boil the potatoes for 8-10 minutes. While they are boiling, brown the bulb of the onion in a blend of olive oil and butter. Transfer the potatoes from the water to the saute pan to finish and brown. Add some chopped green onion top for garnish at the end.

I simply steamed the beans until crisp tender and added butter, salt and pepper. The fillet was lightly battered with flour and a little Cajun seasoning, then fried in an olive oil and butter blend.

Its not a meal prepared by a pro. Some of the fish batter didn’t stay in place. The beans are snapped in half instead of full length. As a kid, I snapped many beans for meals and for canning. The snap sound is part of the fresh bean experience for me.

The gardening notes: Potatoes are Kennebec variety. They are fast growing and likely get to a decent size in our short spring. Potatoes don’t like hot summers. The yellow beans are the heirloom Beurre de Rocquencourt. They can take some heat and hopefully will still be producing after the potatoes are finished.

4 thoughts on “Gardener’s June Meal

  1. Oh this lovely meal you prepared looks so yummy and your fish was just right as far as I am concerned.. Love snapping beans too, great garden hearts think alike… take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura ~

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