Thanks Mockingbird

cage 004

Thanks to the mockingbird that was chasing the robin and cardinal from my blueberry bushes while I was having breakfast yesterday, I now have my blueberries protected by netting. Because its near 90 F/32 C and humid out there and I’ve cleaned up, I’m not going back out for a better photo. The net is supported by rebar posts and a PVC cross piece above the bushes. I spent a large part of the morning putting netting in place. The berries are not as sweet as they will be, but the birds didn’t care.

Working on the slope makes all construction more of a challenge. The netting I used comes in 4 X 50 foot pieces. The two tallest of my five bushes are six feet. As I was tying pieces together with baler twine, I was wondering about a tool I’ve seen called a tapener. I saw it used to make quick work of tying a tomato plant to a stake. Would it work to attach two pieces of netting? I’d welcome a response from someone familiar with the tool.

I won’t be starving my backyard birds. There are these unprotected everbearing Alpine strawberries. The chipmunk acts like the container is his feeder.

cage 001

cage 002

Also available are dewberries. While my line trimmer was in the shop, they got such a good start that I let a bunch go. On the steeper part of the slope, these foragers treats are ready.

cage 003


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