Heat is on

yellows 001

The first photo is of my peas 10 days ago. Below is the same bed of peas today.

heat 001

The temperatures have been in the 90’s (over 32 C) for several days. The forecast is for more of the same. But we’ll likely get a break some time in September. It’s summer in the South.

The heirloom pea variety that I grew for the first time this year was Golden Sweet. The pale yellow color made them easy to see for picking and they tasted good. The seed catalog stated that they came from a market in India. I thought they might have more heat tolerance coming from India. But they are typical peas. The heat has done them in. The market may have been in the Himalayas and the catalog didn’t claim they were heat tolerant.

My lettuce is also finished. It goes bitter in heat and I tilled under what was left this morning. Swiss chard and sweet potato leaves (learned from rabbits and deer that they are edible) will be our garden greens until fall. I put some more sweet potatoes in where I just dug this garlic. Sweet potatoes thrive in the heat.

heat 003

Another heat lover is the rabbiteye blueberry. They are the southern cousins of the blueberries I picked as a kid near Lake Michigan. My first picking weighed almost 7 pounds.

heat 005

I got the berries picked, lawn mowed, and sweet potatoes planted before the temperature hit 90. It was close though, and I know my sweat glands still function.

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