Tomato Thieves

Over a week ago, I checked on my first planting of tomatoes and found many midway between the size of a golf ball and baseball. Today, I couldn’t find any that size. I spotted one of the thieves two days ago. I submit the photo as evidence of the crime.

rodentomatoes 003

I saw a little brown mouse coming from the tomato bed and running to safety in my heat pump/AC unit. I’ve got a picket fence around the unit and its just four feet from the tomatoes. I have eighteen tomato plants and a lot of missing tomatoes in the past week, so it appears the little rodent I saw is part of a family.

I did have warning. The tomato bed is inside the enclosed area where we let our two Westies out. For some time they have been running to sniff around the AC unit before taking care of their business. The solution is not one I like, but choices need to be made. I put out two trays of rat and mouse bait. One went in the fenced AC unit and one in the entrance to my crawl space a few feet away. This morning most of the bait from the tray in the crawl space had disappeared.

Hopefully, the issue is solved. I’ve got many more tomatoes on the way, but won’t be harvesting as early as I hoped.

rodentomatoes 002

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