Onion Review


For the first time in nearly 20 years, I grew onions from seed. Back then I lived in Hollandale, Minnesota where there were acres of onion fields. The soil was over 90% organic matter and veggies grew with much less effort than in the clay with rocks that I now grow in. The variety I grew is the Italian heirloom Tropeana Lunga.

I started the seeds in January, then lost about half the seedlings in February when I put them out to start hardening them off. I put them out on a sunny afternoon and forgot to bring them in overnight. Temps went down well below freezing, and in a few days many had turned from green to yellow/brown. One of the survivors was part of our salad last evening, and it was nice. The seed catalog claimed it was prized by Italian chefs and the flavor did not disappoint. It is a good bit milder than the onions from the bulk onion sets sold at local garden centers. And the red color adds some healthy anthocyanins as well.

The onions still in the garden remain green after three weeks of temperatures in the 90’s F/32 C. They are not of uniform size but that is likely due to the soil I’m growing them in. The size of my onions from sets also varies.

I expect it would make a nice onion chutney, and be excellent roasted or in stir fries. I plan to be growing this one again. Hopefully, I won’t leave them out to freeze next time.

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