Finally Tomatoes

IMG_20150714_132515776 IMG_20150714_132609357

Not early for my location, but it looks like we can be enjoying the flavors of summer now. The variety on the left is Arkansas Traveler. On the right are Rutgers. They have both produced well for me in the hot humid summers of Tennessee and are again doing well. The delay in my having tomatoes this year was due to the rodents I posted about previously.

Both of these varieties are heirlooms grown from seed I’ve saved. The ring in the photo is a standard size mason jar. The Arkansas Travelers are always nearly perfectly round and medium sized. I always save seed from a large one, but the average size hasn’t changed noticeably in the eight years I’ve grown them. I get more larger ones at the beginning of the season and more of the smaller later. They are juicier and sweeter than the Rutgers.

Rutgers seed is available in a determinate and indeterminate variety. Mine is the indeterminate and produces larger tomatoes than the determinate type. The shape is inconsistent. I always save the seeds from the nice round ones, but get the lumps in some. I like the meaty, tangy flavor of Rutgers on a BLT or burger. It is a flavor I grew up with. Rutgers was my mother’s favorite variety.

Tomato season does require tough choices. Will it be bruschetta, salsa, BLT, tomato pie, pasta sauce, salad, or some other delicious use?


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