Fermentation Updates

IMG_20150716_113206285 IMG_20150708_114654184

A little over a week ago I started the brew on the right. It has progressed nicely. The airlock is bubbling still but at about 30 second intervals. The sediment has settled and liquid cleared to the rose colored jug on the left. When I siphon (winemakers call it racking) in a week or so I’ll have a nice looking beverage and find out what it tastes like. If it tastes as good as it is looking, I may have a difficult time proceeding with the plan to make most of it into vinegar. Its a honey and red basil brew experiment.

IMG_20150716_113249819 IMG_20150618_201453839

And the jar on the left is what’s left of the lacto-fermented yellow beans I started last month. I made 2 pints, packing the yellow beans in brine under grape leaves weighted with marbles. There are only a few left. I’ve been enjoying the cool sour saltiness after coming in from the heat and humidity of summer. They have a nice crispy crunchy texture and won’t last long enough for me to find out how long it takes to go soggy.

I will do one thing differently next time. I’ll cut them short enough to lay horizontally. When stacked vertically, the ends kept poking above the liquid. I had to trim the ends off most as they became soft when above the brine level. If you aren’t already fermenting, you may want to try fermentation as a way of preserving garden produce.

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