Grapes, Pears, Pollinators


Blooms keep the pollinators coming. From left its a buddleia with an adult of a parsley eating caterpillar, a rose of Sharon with a bumblebee and zinnias that had a tiger swallowtail that wasn’t interested in posing. I do plant a few things I don’t eat.

Without pollinators, these pears wouldn’t have happened.


My Seckel pear produced enough to fill the fridge fruit drawer. I picked them a week ago, let them ripen a few days at room temperature and they are now sweet, cold and juicy. I’m not sure how long they keep. I’m planning to put some in a pie with some of last year’s muscadine wine. If it turns out I may have a recipe to post.

This morning I harvested my Cayuga grapes. The wine I made from last year’s is rather tart. It makes a good sangria, but I was hoping for better this year. One possible cause of an overly tart wine is using grapes that are not quite fully ripe. I left them hanging longer this year. It cost me a good portion of the harvest. This morning a family of robins and a thrush were enjoying them. Birds don’t go for green grapes as much so I hadn’t covered them with netting. After harvesting what they left, I covered my Norton grapes with net. They are just beginning to turn color and without protection I’d have nothing by the time they are ripe.

Last year I had enough Cayuga grapes to make 3 gallons of wine. If I would have harvested a week ago I would have had about the same amount of grapes as last year. But after selecting the good berries, I only had two gallon freezer bags of grapes. I’ll make the wine from the frozen grapes when I have fewer things to harvest and plant. And next year I may get a net on the green grapes.


The saved and the outcast.


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