A Melon Worth Having

IMG_20150803_111832391 IMG_20150803_112334253

This is an heirloom melon called “Ananas d’ Amerique”. My wife, the French teacher, translates that name to American pineapple. Its flavor is cantaloupe and not pineapple or honeydew. I first grew it a year ago when it was included as a free gift with a seed order. I saved seeds and am again enjoying it.

It is ready to harvest when the first hint of yellow is visible on the exterior. The interior color remains half green, but the flavor is all sweet. It doesn’t need to turn orange to be at its best. If I forget to check daily for the hint of yellow, It may rot on wet ground. Like many cantaloupe varieties, it does not have a long shelf life. When it is ripe, its great. But it is just a few days from unripe to overripe.

Since its been good these past two years I’m saving seeds for next year.


And a follow up to last week’s pear pie post. After the weekend, 3 generations of the family sampled 3 variations of pear pie. One I didn’t mention last week was the favorite. It was a pear pie with cranberries. The filling was a quart of sliced, peeled pears, a cup of frozen cranberries, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/4 cup flour, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. That was in a 9″ double crust pie.

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