Robins, Cardinals, Blue Jays and Fruits


I have a couple of great deals for birds right now in the backyard. One of them is these muscadine grapes. They are beginning to ripen and I have no net. The cardinals have been enjoying some the last few days. Since I have plenty coming I’m quite sure I’ll get all I want even with birds taking some.

Another choice is the apples coming ripe. The blue jays seem most fond of the winesaps. My apples are very small this year. Most are smaller than tennis balls. I’m not sure why that is. My pears are normal sized. But slicing and peeling small apples for pies is time consuming, so the birds aren’t a big concern there.

But I’m not meaning to share everything. The Norton grapes are netted. They have the best potential for good wine of anything I grow. Despite my efforts, the robins have made some break ins. I’ve released two robins from in the net I put around these grapes. This morning I watched a failed attempt at another break in. A robin flew at the net three times trying to get at the clusters. After each break in I retied a place around a post where I found an opening. Securing the top and bottom and carefully tying around each post is needed for birds as persistent as my neighborhood robins. I didn’t realize they would be so much trouble when there are other options so near. Maybe they have a thing for forbidden fruit? It does look tempting.


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