August Garden Photo Tour

IMG_20150824_110443599 IMG_20150824_105807855

Fall is time to set out next years crop of strawberries. On the left are Ozark Beauty plants under okra. I purchased 3 plants in the Spring and let runners go so now have over twenty. Ozark Beauty produces a nice fall crop. On the right are Tristar with runners being caught in pots for moving to a new bed. Tristar bear well in May then keep producing a few until July here in Chattanooga. Adding Ozark Beauty will hopefully result in clean garden fresh berries in more months.

IMG_20150824_110815504 IMG_20150824_110615969

Close up of red okra and flower on the left. On the right is okra that will provide afternoon shade for a row of alpine strawberries that are in front of them. The alpine strawberries I had that didn’t get as much shade protection did not do well. I have heard reports of people with a stand of okra in their yard getting visited by authorities investigating a reported growth of a plant that is still illegal in most states.


If what this turtle was doing with its partner moments earlier was successful, there will be another generation of turtles to take some low tomatoes next year.


Swiss Chard with holes in leaves tastes like Swiss Chard. Its ability to attract insects and get lacework leaves rivals eggplant.

IMG_20150824_112857461 IMG_20150824_110926071

That’s Cherokee Long Ear Corn. It pops. I wouldn’t harvest popcorn that green but there was a squirrel enjoying it. I took some while it was still available for me.


Finally, this is a bed of Attilla the alpine strawberry. Most alpine varieties don’t produce runners, but this one is prolific at spreading. I planted 9 seedlings in this bed. I had started the seeds in January. I also have some in containers and they have produced a few berries on runners hanging in the air. But so far in containers or in the ground, they are putting their energy into vegetative growth rather than flowers and fruits. I’ve picked less than 10 berries so far and they are small. I’ll find out if cooler weather of fall influences productivity. They may have potential as an edible ground cover.


2 thoughts on “August Garden Photo Tour

  1. I admire your crops. I have burgundy okra this year, but never thought of using it as a shade crop. So far, none of the authorities around here have taken any notice of it.

    • Thanks. I probably have more things that benefit from shade than you do in Ontario. I grew up in Michigan and spent time gardening and at farmer’s markets. I never saw okra until I moved south.

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