Pickled Shishito Peppers


I have a lot of Shishito peppers coming in along with plenty of things to do like fall planting so I wanted a simple preservation. Refrigerator pickles were the result. Larger peppers usually stop producing in the heat of the summer here so Shishito and Jalepeno are the only two varieties I have growing. Shishitos are much milder than Jalepenos but do develop some heat the longer they stay on the plant. The heat can be avoided by not using the seeds.

My quick search of refrigerator pickled pepper recipes found wide variation in the ratio of water to vinegar used in the brine. Some used about an equal amount of water and vinegar and some used 3X as much water as vinegar. All used a generous amount of salt. There was also considerable variety in flavor additions. Some used black pepper, some dill, some celery seed. All the ones I checked used garlic. Each recipe also was with sliced peppers. I did two quart jars sliced and one with whole peppers. Shishitos are a very thin walled pepper so I expect they will work well.

None of the online recipes used honey vinegar that had been aged with oak chips, but since I had some that I had made, I used it. I also included the stalks of celeriac. Removing older stalks results in a root that is less knobby, so I had some on hand. I don’t think the small piece of stalk I put in each jar will greatly affect the flavor. Here’s my refrigerator pickle recipe:

2 lbs Shishito peppers (or use a kilo)

2 garlic cloves per jar

1 stalk of celeriac per jar

3 cups water

2 cups vinegar

2 Tablespoons sea salt

Mix the salt and liquids to make brine and heat to boiling. Allow to cool. Slice peppers while brine heats. Fill jars with peppers and your flavorings. When brine has cooled a bit, fill jars with brine to cover peppers. screw on lids and refrigerate. Flavor should improve first week or two and peppers should keep for months in the fridge.



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