Meet Red Freddy

IMG_20150827_124300186 IMG_20150826_131444257

On a stroll down Janeview Drive this summer you could have met him. Red Freddy is the basil variety I have growing in the front of the bed closest to the street. He had more of the purple/red leaves when he was younger and I was cutting back the seed heads. Behind him then were some alpine strawberries and sweet potato vines. Now he has some kale that’s just emerging as well as lettuce and cabbage that should sprout soon behind him. And coming up in front of him soon should be some rhubarb Swiss Chard.

The bees and butterflies are enjoying his flowers at this stage in his life. I expect he’ll be around about two more months until we get our first frost. Red Freddy, like other basil, is sensitive when it comes to cold.

In addition to his up front show, he has provided flavor to pesto and bruschetta that I can’t distinguish from sweet basil. Another accomplishment of this Fred is the color he provided for a honey basil vinegar. In the photo below is a quart of honey vinegar next to the larger container Freddy colored. His will make more attractive gifts when put into a nice bottle.


I liked having him around this year and plan to save some seeds and invite him back. I plan to have some of his dried leaves available to mix with parsley for fresh pesto through the winter. So here he is – hung in to dry:



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