A Monarch Habitat Effort

This Spring my parents-in-law and neighbors (same two people) attended an event at a local church It wasn’t a saving souls event; it was a save the monarch butterfly event. Everyone who attended received a free seed packet of milkweed and some started milkweed seedlings. Their seeds never germinated, but the little plants did well. The photo below shows a little mission accomplished.


Six tiger striped monarch larvae were munching on the milkweed in their yard. Monarchs depend on milkweed as it is what they lay their eggs on and the source of food for their larva. The little habitat effort made a difference for these larvae.

Monarch butterfly habitat is more diverse. The three plants I see the most monarch butterflies on in my yard are buddleia (aka butterfly bush), zinnia, and sedum. They are easy to grow and attractive plants whether monarchs are on them or not. I was hoping for an open winged shot of a monarch that was on my buddleia and redbud, but the timing wasn’t right.

IMG_20150827_112201959 IMG_20150827_112356145

Not everything works out as hoped, but some things do.

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