Using Green Tomatoes

The seven inches of rain we got in August provided ideal conditions for tomato diseases. Some green tomatoes remained on  the spent looking vines. They had produced since early July. On drier years I’ve had vines that bore into September, but it was time to get the diseased plants out. Some of the green tomatoes may have ripened well, but a lot would develop brown spots before ripening.

Fried green tomatoes are something I enjoy, but a green tomato salsa is what prefer to do with mine. Roasting the tomatoes softens and sweetens the unripe fruits and results in a nice salsa when combined with other fresh garden ingredients: onion, pepper, garlic, cilantro. Add lime juice and find the chips.


2 thoughts on “Using Green Tomatoes

  1. Thanks for a timely recipes. I still have loads of unripened tomatoes on the vine, and I expect I will have to harvest them one day. This idea will come in handy.

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