39 Bottles of Beer on the Floor


A visit from my brother and his wife gave me the inspiration to start a batch of ale. Today was bottling day. Their visit is coming up in 8 days. It was 9 days ago that I started this batch. I’ve never made a batch I didn’t like. Normally I’ve made a basic ale, but this is a bit of an experiment. I had some ripe pears from my backyard so put some in. In Germany I couldn’t call this beer by their standards. Adding something that does ferment and is available is done in many places.

I’m neither brand new nor highly experienced when it comes to home brewing. This somewhere between my 15th and 20th batch. The malt, yeast, and bottle caps will make the cost less than 40 cents a bottle for a batch. But if I factored in $10.00 an hour for my time these will not be a bargain beverage.

While most beer recipes are for 5 gallons, I do four gallons. My brew pot is 5 gallons which allows me to boil just a bit over 4. My normal ale ingredients were Munich malt, sovereign hops, and Munton’s ale yeast. My specific gravity was just over 1.050 at the start of the sparge and just under 1.040 at the end. Four teaspoons of hops were in for the full boil and two teaspoons added with 10 minutes remaining. I added the pears after the boil. Actually, I boiled 3 lbs of chopped pears in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes, then added the pears and liquid.

After chilling, I added the yeast, leaving it all in the pot. In a couple hours the whole surface was covered with bubbles. Eighteen hours after the yeast addition the bubbling had subsided and the pot looked like this:


Since the whole surface was no longer covered with bubbles of carbon dioxide that kept the liquid from oxygen exposure, It was time to transfer to a carboy with an airlock.


That’s the pear ale journey from pot to carboy to bottle. In 3-6 days when the bottles are carbonated from the priming sugar I added before bottling, they will go into the fridge. If the pear ale experiment turns out to be a flop, there will always be some Sam Adams or Fat Tire available nearby for my brother’s visit

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