What’s Coming Up


In my zone 7 garden, I harvest something every month. My winter hardy greens are just getting started. The onions above are in a cedar planter on the porch. They are the perennial Eqyptian Walking Onion. Its grown for the greens and they will be available to garnish soups with through the winter. I will do something similar with garlic. I use the large outer cloves for the main crop in the garden. Some of the small inner cloves will go into pots and be available to use like garlic scapes


This is a new variety I am trying this fall. Landis Winter lettuce is an hierloom from Pennsylvania. If it can survive a winter there, it can likely make it here where its considerably milder. Its always interesting to try something new.


In late August we had several days of cool rainy weather. I direct seeded kale at that time and it is now ready to be thinned. Starting fall crops can be difficult here as the ideal time is late August and normally we are still getting scorching heat. I don’t mulch fall greens. Right now some mulch would be helpful. We have had less than an inch of rain in September and mulch would help the soil retain moisture. But on the first frosty nights, mulch acts as insulation preventing the heat in the ground from rising to the exposed leaves. When needed I’ll put a cloth over the whole plant and get some benefit from the heat rising from the ground. The last two years I’ve harvested a single fall planting of kale from October through April.


This cilantro is also going to be around all winter. These are volunteers from where I let a plant go to seed earlier. It will add a fresh kick to the salsa in the jars from the summer harvest. Fall/winter cilantro remains leafy much longer than summer grown. In heat it quickly goes to seed and becomes coriander. Some tasty Middle Eastern and Indian dishes also feature fresh cilantro. Stay fresh all winter if you can.


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