Fall Fig ‘n Selfie


Fall brings more blue sky days to Chattanooga than any other time. The color season will arrive shortly and its the best time to visit. The humidity and heat of summer are past and the rains of November haven’t started yet. The tulip poplar, our state tree is beginning to drop leaves on the grass in my front yard. From now until next May my yard will be green. I seeded annual rye grass in late September and we did have rain the first few days of the month. A green lawn is not at the top of my priority list. I seed the rye grass because it provides green for my compost during the time that the most browns are available from leaves. My soil still needs lots of help.


The first photo shows the typical red/brown clay of the Southeast below a thin topsoil. The plant is turmeric which I grew for the first time this year. And it did well enough so that next year I plan to try ginger as well. Growing requirements are similar. They are both nice looking tropicals that I can grow out front where I have flat space.

Fall is also ideal for transplanting. I had a rosemary with creeping Greek oregano in a clay pot on the front porch for several years. It was outgrowing the container so its now on its way across town to the place my daughter and her husband bought earlier this year. I had a replacement started.

IMG_20151007_094903496_HDR IMG_20151007_094921764

Finally, I’ve been blogging since January with a wordpress provided green and white emblem. Boring was my daughter’s description. So here’s a fig ‘n selfie.



4 thoughts on “Fall Fig ‘n Selfie

  1. I have grown ginger before, but in our climate it has to come in for the winter. Thanks for the idea of growing tumeric too. I can’t have too many home-grown spices.

  2. Nice to meet you neighbor. I am getting ready to plant some Rosemary, Lavender and lemon Basil in a pot. I just love going to Lowe’s and grabbing the Rosemary and rubbing it in my hands, the smell is incredible! Love your Rosemary and creeping Greek oregano, they go very well together.

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