Fall Foraging

IMG_20151024_171041718 IMG_20151024_171158437 IMG_20151024_171122279

I went off in search of black walnuts and enjoyed some wildflowers along the way. I also saw the backside of a whitetail deer running off. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get the running deer, but can show evidence that they are around.


The likely cause of the bark missing on the sapling in the right photo is a buck rubbing antlers on it. The area I was walking in had been worked over by earth moving equipment 5 years ago to reroute a stream so that drainage would be improved for a nearby housing development. Now there are young sycamores, oaks, and pines growing and providing wildlife habitat.

The only walnuts I gathered were the ones in my in-laws yard but it was a nice walk in the acres adjacent to their yard. I collected a 4 gallon bucket of nuts and put them on the driveway to smash the outer layer with the car. I first had them all in a bunch on the driveway, but separated them a bit as I noticed only those on the perimeter were being broken up. The tire going up and down effectively broke the outer layer of the nuts. I’ll now leave them in the garage for a couple months to dry, then take a hammer to them.


The herbalists I met at area farmers markets came by for hawthorns. They use them in preparing a heart healthy tincture. Any harvesting is more pleasant when done with friends. And what old guy wouldn’t welcome harvesters like these?

IMG_20151022_174944449 IMG_20151022_175455857 IMG_20151022_181704597

2 thoughts on “Fall Foraging

  1. All the black walnut trees around here seem to be producing smaller than normal walnuts and fewer. Five years ago the same trees were producing walnuts the size of tennis balls (before shelling) now they are the size of golf balls!

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