Seed and Catalog Choices

Its the time of year when I read of a variety of seed that is “popular and rare.” Seems a contradiction to me, but since its the seed varieties and not logic that I’m looking for I keep reading. Having ordered seeds from different catalogs in past years, my mailbox has provided several recently. No single catalog has all the varieties I want, so my ordering habit will likely keep them coming.

My favorite catalog the last couple of years has been Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They provide a great selection of heirloom seeds at lower prices than others. Two years ago their free gift with my order was a melon, Ananas d Amerique. Its a sweet little cantaloupe that is easy to save seeds from. Last year I got the basil variety Red Freddy from them. Its now hanging around my kitchen two ways: literally, and bottled in the honey vinegar I fermented with it. (The honey/red basil is the bottle on the left and is the house favorite)

A variety Baker Creek doesn’t carry is Jericho Lettuce. Its more heat tolerant than any variety of lettuce I’ve grown. Living near the Tennessee/Georgia border that’s important.

Finding heirloom seeds that produce what you want is great since their seeds can be saved for endless production. In addition to the varieties I mentioned I have saved seeds from: shishito and jalepeno peppers, Rutgers and Arkansas Traveler tomatoes, Clemson Spineless and burgundy okra, and buerre d Rocquencourt yellow bean.

But for sweet corn, I’ll be planting a hybrid. I have limited space that I can protect from raccoons. Also, I don’t know of a heirloom that yields as reliably and tastes as good as Peaches and Cream sweet corn.

4 thoughts on “Seed and Catalog Choices

  1. I love their catalog and have already made my seed choices. My husband and I are planning a trip to their Spring Planting Festival in Mansfield Missouri, May 1 & 2. Can’t wait!

  2. Grin … There’s not many things bad that I can think of to say about the nuberous varieties of ‘Sweet’ corn hybrids.
    Peaches and Cream is one of my top picks. Really sweet, short stalks and early / fast to mature.
    Happy Gardening

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