Soupy Evidence


We have been souping a lot lately. Until I read an article in the Detroit Free Press ( actually) this morning, I didn’t realize how trendy we may be. Evidently “souping is the new juicing” may be a patented phrase. Above are two recent soups in our kitchen. One has freshly gathered wheat grass floating on the surface; the other is a black bean with onion in the slow cooker.

Always wanting to use more fresh from the garden ingredients, I tried wheat grass first in a smoothie with pineapple, banana, and kefir. It was good, but a cold shake is not that appealing to me in winter. I’ll do more kefir smoothies when my strawberries and blueberries are available. Wheat grass can be added to any soup that will be pure’ed. Processing until the wheat grass is fully broken down is important to avoid hair-like texture.

Since our January temperatures got down into the teens (well below zero C), little is available direct from the garden. Wheat grass that I am growing as a cover crop can provide healthy local winter greens. By just using the top growth, the cover crop will continue to grow.IMG_20160128_101102206

Other garden goods that are getting into our soups are stored roots including sweet potato, garlic, and turmeric. The slightly yellowed fingertips I currently have are not signs of jaundice. Its the result of cutting the turmeric without wearing gloves. Including turmeric in any soup that also has some fat and black pepper is a healthy and tasty winter habit.

Recent soups we’ve enjoyed include, Hungarian gulyas, West African peanut and sweet potato, and the black bean. Only the gulyas included meat and all included good stuff from the garden. Grow well and eat well. Be creative with soup.

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