Nooga Garlic

This is my garlic at mid winter in an el nino year. I don’t mulch garlic through the winter. Rotting bulbs can result from our combination of frequent winter rains and heavy clay soil. Mulch retains moisture and could contribute to rot. I resort to the traditional hoe to keep the weeds from competing with the garlic.

In the pots I planted some of the small bulbs from the center of a clove. I use them like garlic scapes. Green tops can be snipped and added to a soup to finish it. Or I can pull up the little bulbs and toss them with roasted veggies.


I’ve grown this Italian soft neck variety for about 7 years here. I don’t break records for size. That’s a quarter for comparison. Soft neck garlic varieties can be braided for decorating until used in the kitchen or next years seed. Since these cloves are from what I’ve grown and saved for at least five years, I can call this Chattanooga garlic.

6 thoughts on “Nooga Garlic

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  2. I have heavy soil, so know the feeling when it comes to its effects on garlic. We did have a lot of rain this winter so I hope mine doesn’t rot. I’ve only recently started using the scapes – they are great 🙂

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