Fresh February Salad


February is the month to start seeds indoors for our mid April frost free date. It is not ordinarily a month to make a fresh from the garden salad. This year was different. When it finally got cold in early January, I harvested most of my cabbage. But I put a mulch of leaves over a few heads and they survived all winter offered this year.

To the chopped cabbage, I added pecans, wheat sprouts, fresh evergreen onions and a vinegrette. Only the pecans and olive oil were not home grown or made. The vinegar I used was the red basil/mead I made last summer. It is the home favorite and I need to get some of those Red Freddy Genovese Basil seeds started so I can make some more this year.

The rest of the meal was potato wedges, a blend of sweet and white tossed with olive oil and herbs and baked, and chicken strips. They were tossed with olive oil, garlic and herbs, then bread crumbs mixed in before baking. It was a good weeknight meal after a day in the classroom. But by the time it was ready, I was more interested in eating than transferring it to a different color dish for a better photo op. It would rate better on flavor and freshness than visual presentation.



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