Spring Happening Here

The forsythia is just into its two weeks of color for the year. The redbud is about to come into its glory. As soon as the soil is dry enough it will be time to get the cool season crops planted. This past week I worked on a building project. A pile of lumber became an arbor.

Barely visible between the 12 foot 2X4’s a thin grape vine is visible. Actually there there are two vines; one toward each end. I planted them and set the upright posts last year. The vines grew well and are tied to the top of the six and a half foot tall structure. I have a little work to do still on it.

I intend the bottom to be a bench to relax on under the shade of the vines. The structure is sturdy enough to support the vines as is, but needs more support to double as outdoor furniture. The added support will come from a cement block that will be dug in under the middle with an upright 2×4 anchored in fresh concrete in the middle of the block. That should make it grandkid ready.

It won’t last forever. One threat to its longevity is likely shown below. I beelieve that’s a carpenter bee pollinating my blueberries. They do good work pollinating as well as tunnel into available sturdy wood structures. I don’t kill them. I just try to ensure there is no exposed wood on the house.




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