Cover Up and Eat Weeds

Frost is likely tomorrow night. These strawberries will need protection if the blossoms are going to produce fruit. I’ve got some old curtains and blankets that I’ll use to cover the tender blooms. Cloth provides frost protection; plastic is not effective.

Also visible in the photos are my slug and snail deterrents for the berries. I’m using sand rather than a mulch of leaves or straw. Sand deters the crawling soft bodied fruit lovers, while straw and leaves provide ideal habitat for the slugs. In the right photo, an onion is growing near the strawberry plant. They are a slug deterrent as well. I may get some small bulbs from the onions I planted around the perimeter of the strawberry bed.


These volunteer violets are blooming all around the yard. Both the heart shaped leaves and the flowers can be used in a salad. Weed eater can have more than one meaning. If you decide to join the “eat the weeds” movement, gather wisely. Don’t harvest where toxic sprays may have been used. And try small amounts before making a whole meal of a foraged green your system has never experienced. Shocking the intestines can be unpleasant.

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